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Specialist vs General

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It is common within the insurance industry for companies to offer solutions across a broad spectrum of specialisms (sectors).

Many providers will offer policies for health, home and car insurance. The main challenge these companies face is creating a sector specific policy that actually caters to the needs of the consumer.

When searching for a provider, beware of ‘general’ insurance providers who offer teacher absence insurance. Often their lack of experience in the education sector means their policies are not relevant and will therefore exclude a lot of claims that you would expect to be paid.

Insurance providers operating exclusively in the education sector will often use their claims data to tailor and refine their policies. This involves recognising the most common and frequent absence types and incorporating cover for them into their policy. This ensures that your school will be covered against the absence types most likely to affect its staff. Choosing a provider that operates exclusively in the education sector is the best way to alleviate the financial risk that staff absences can pose to your school’s budget.

Before taking out a policy, make sure you ask the provider...

Are you specialists in the education sector?
How many years experience do you have in the sector?
Do you use claims data to tailor and refine your policy?