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Customer service

Customer service is important for every industry, and certainly insurance is no exception.

For insurance consumers, customer service means not just purchasing a good insurance product at a competitive price, but also receiving a high level of service throughout the duration of their policy.

It is therefore critical that when schools are searching for a staff absence insurance provider they consider the following components of good customer service:

Tailored solutions to suit your school’s requirements
Be sure to look for a provider willing to tailor their insurance product to fit the specific size, circumstances and budget of your school.

Clear communications
Schools should ensure that the staff absence insurance provider they choose can offer prompt and efficient communications, in all forms. This ranges from when you are getting a quote online or dealing with any claims or service-related issues over the phone.

Accessible points of contact
Make sure your provider has people you can talk to should any issues arise throughout your policy.

Client managers
It’s important to deal with a company that can handle your queries quickly and easily. Make sure you ask if schools are appointed their own client or account manager. These individuals will help you to manage your account and deal with any problems or difficulties you may have.

Client area
Choosing a provider with a user-friendly client area will make managing your policy simple and efficient. It’s worth asking if the providers client portal is SSL encrypted, to make sure your sensitive claims data is kept safe and secure.

Before taking out cover, make sure you ask the provider...

Do you have an SSL encrypted online client area?
Will I be appointed my own client or account manager?
Can you alter your policy to suit my schools specific needs and circumstances?