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Cover options

Here are the options to look out for when choosing your policy

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Cover options

There are many different policies out there and lots of different options to choose from. It’s important to choose the options that are right for your school.

Here are a few options to look out for when choosing your policy:

COVID-19 cover – With the ongoing pandemic causing increased cost, worry and pressure to schools it is important to understand whether the policy you are buying will cover for absences caused by Coronavirus. All of the providers on our website offer schools the choice of including cover for absences caused by employees suffering a positive COVID-19 test result.

Stress cover – No school can be complacent about the impact that stress, anxiety and depression related absences can have. The education sector in the UK has one of the highest levels of self-reported stress. Most staff absence insurance providers will offer a choice of 30 or 190 days’ stress cover, some will allow schools to choose any levels they wish.

Fixed sum maternity benefit – This is the standard maternity benefit option offered by most insurers. You can choose any sum up to the insurers limit, which varies from provider to provider. The sum is paid in one go when your employee returns to work after her maternity leave.

Maternity cover non-return dependent - This maternity option is not dependent on the absentee returning to work and is often paid as a lump sum up to £10,000.

Maternity paid as a daily benefit – The benefit is paid monthly at 50% of the chosen sickness daily benefit for that person, from the beginning of maternity leave after the waiting day period. This benefit is not dependent on the return to work of your employee, which reduces risk and cash flow problems for your school.

Cover for on-going maternities – Some schools may be reluctant to switch staff absence insurance providers due to on-going maternity claims. However, some providers will offer the option to cover on-going maternities, whether the member of staff has conceived or is already absent from work due to maternity.

Cover for pre-existing conditions - It is common for members of staff to suffer from pre-existing conditions such as stress, back pain and asthma. Adding cover for pre-existing conditions means you can still claim when a member of staff is absent if a pre-existing condition reoccurs throughout the duration of your policy.

Cover for pre-planned surgery – You may have a member of staff who requires surgery which will cause them to be absent from work. Some providers will allow you to cover this period of absence.

Occupational health and wellbeing support - Occupational health support is designed to prevent teachers and support staff from taking sickness related absences, and reduce the probability of the absence reoccurring further down the line. Some providers will offer occupational health and wellbeing support at an additional cost to your policy, whereas others will include it in your cover as standard.